What is it?

“living life passionately and with purpose”

“When one sees wrong in the world and chooses to speak out…”

Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc

One of the needs we saw here at our parent organization was a need to educate the general public on just what exactly activism is and how it has played a vital part in the world as we know it. Hence, this site and the affiliated programs via our parent organization.

Please join with us as we continue to strive to “take back our farms, food, families, and freedom.” Through providing dynamic diverse group of projects and programs, throughout our organization.

Here are some of the projects in direct relation to this site that can better connect and facilitate your activism in your community.

  • A section discussing what exactly an activist is. As well as what and how people tend to become activists.
  • A section on ideas and ways to pursue your passions in the realm of activism.
  • Dating for Activists: Yes, we have a platform where people are matched based on their core and affiliated passions as they live out their lives. How exciting to meet people and get to know them based on their involvement in causes dear to your heart? A FREE Platform that does NOT mine your data, and DOES NOT SELL YOUR INFORMATION!
  • Activism Email: Are you tired of the GREAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN… The All Knowing GOOGLE? Well, so are we! We are building a Email Platform that will encompass the various aspects of the likes of GMAIL, but in an environment where we don’t collect, or store your content. Where we don’t use, sell or other wise mine your data. And to be very frank, WE DON’T WANT IT! While we will sell banner and other advertisements, they will be limited and NOT directed at you specifically based on what you have in your email or other aspect. A true email system built by activists for activists.
  • The Activists Market: A FREE virtual flea market and classifieds platform directed at those who live lift passionately. What If you could have a classifieds market place similar to the “Craig’s Lists” and “Face Book Market Places, ” But geared towards what you feel is the guiding parts of your life?
  • Activism Gathering: This platform is designed to be the “Meetup” and events calendar for the activism world. We want here to be a central place for all those desiring to locate and get involved in making a difference to go to and find the local groups, chapters, and events going on in their area. We hope that this platform is live in the first part of 2021.
  • Social Media for Activists: a versatility all encompassing social media platform specifically for the activist. One where we don’t collect and sell your data, one where we don’t censor opposing views, one where the bots are few and far between… That’s what we envision in our taking on the astronomical task of building a social media platform from the ground up.
  • The Big Give Challenge: Our parent organizations answer to the United Way and their “Give Back Tuesday” as well as the ever successful “Ice Bucket Challenge”.

All of these many aspects of just how we intend to help build and support the art of activism in our efforts to change the world in which we live and through our day to day actions.

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