Think about it…

Throughout our parent organizations endeavors we have always colored outside the lines. In an effort to “be the change we want to see in our society and world” we tend to approach things very differently.

Be Different – Be Bold

When you look at getting involved, we would encourgae you to follow your gut. Your heart has a way of getting past the fluff and to the “heart of the matter”. So, follow it.

“Live life with intensity”

Ethan The Farmer, founder GTKYF Foundation Inc.

What do you think being the change means?

How do you live out your daily lives in an effort to create a positive impact on the world around you?

Now, let’s be clear this by no means infers that you should use force, threats, or intimidation to change the world. What we are saying is that by planting the seed, like a farmer plants his crops with a seed. You ought to be planting the seeds of change in those around you. In the fertile soil of their mind. And much like a farmer you have a responsibility to nurture those seeds. By helping keep the weeds from things like “main stream media” and other undesirablepla ts from gaining a foot hold. Anyone that has ever gardened know that once the weeds take root and get ahead you have a all out war to get them under control. When we show seeds of change in our community it is much the same. If we sit back and let the propaganda of our government or MSM gain a foot hold and get ahead we are in for a lot of work to correct the damage. So, be vigilant and stay aware. Even in our own minds.

Like with a seed in the field, seeds in the mind require nutrients, sun, and water to grow to their potential. By continuing to provide truthful factual information as nutrients to those seed of the mind. You will be providing the water, nutrients, and shedding sunlit on the situation. And you will be successful in growing a healthy crop of minds. And thereby “being the change we want to see in our communities.”

If you desire to put these types of thoughts into action, or have questions feel free to reach out to us.

This article was written by “Ethan The Farmer” November 2019. All rights reserved.