Have you ever heard the statement…

“when life throws you lemons, make lemonade?”

Well, this is story of someone who truly is doing just that. The mother behind this was a awesome loving and giving person before this latest tragedy hit. And the way she is turning this tragedy into an opportunity to discuss and provide positive outlets for others in similar situation is exceptional.

This is her story:

Good morning!
As some of you know, my son David Jaxon Page was killed in September when SWAT responded to his home for a noise disturbance. Prior to the homicide, officers on scene were well aware of his emotional state and made a decision to request SWAT instead of calling upon a crisis team. I was a block away and heard the shots that killed my son as I stood hopelessly by.

Since that day, hopelessness and helplessness threatened to overwhelm me as I’ve battled with not only the grief of my oldest son’s death, but also the lies from the detectives, run around from the DA’s office, egregious mistakes by the coroner… on and on.

When the DA’s report was released, I held a news conference which I subsequently shared on facebook. Within just a few hours, dozens of women reached out to me to offer support, saying that they, too, had lost their loved ones to police violence.

One of the struggles I believe all of us who have endured this tragedy have in common is the frustration and sadness we all feel at having to battle a system that is set up to make us lose, not only in the death, but also in the aftermath.

So, I decided to do something about it.

I present to you MARLEY FOUNDATION.
Welcome to a place where we can all come together to share, support, and find the resources we need in order to call attention to militarized police response to mental health crisis in our country – and to recover from it with others at our side.

Take a look. There’s a social media element, articles and news stories, and statistics, with much more to come. But I need YOUR help to get the word out and to fill the site with relevant content.

If you have lost a loved one to police violence, please reach out to me so that we may tell their story together.

Feel free to privately message me or to text directly to 6789MARLEY or (678) 962-7539.



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