Another big Dairy Player Goes Under:

These massive companies failing are not a sign of a healthy economy. But instead would lead to any person with an ounce of common sense believing that those who are singing the economic praises are in fact blowing smoke. What is their agenda? or for that matter what is the true underling motive of their claims to a strong economy?

The failure, and I mean complete failure of these big ag companies does not bode well for the overall agricultural sector as a whole. With the small guy at the bottom coming to bear the brunt of these tsunmies of economic destruction.

The end of both Dean Foods, and now Borden takes out two of the largest middle men in the dairy markets. This is yet another example as to why we are in desperate need of growing the family farm model where they work with nature and sell direct to consumer in their local communities. thereby cutting out the monies that these guys were siphoning from the pockets of both the consumers and the farmers.

So, please consider voting with your wallet and helping support those LOCAL Small businesses as they continue to support your local economic strength.

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