Why activism is now more important than ever

Why activism is now more important than ever

For many Americans, the pressure has been building for a long time.

There are two major tracks that our country has been on for decades, and those are making activism more and more a vital part of our daily lives. Many people used to be able to just tune everything out and say that they were “apolitical.” Not so much right now.

The first critical trend here is political polarization. In general, as a society, we tend to no longer feel like we are unified in speaking with one voice. The civic values of the earlier part of the 20th century have given way to distrust, cynicism, scapegoating and in general, disagreements with our neighbors. The unfortunate dysfunction of government plays out between individuals who each have their own entrenched opinions. If you feel like your neighbors are a bunch of morons, you’re not alone. That’s part of how national politics is changing our world views.

The second trend, though, is even more directly applicable to how we live our lives, because it’s actively hurting working Americans in ways that we can’t ignore. It’s not just happening to “other people” either – it’s happening to all of us. If you work – you are labor!

Wage stagnation and the devaluation of labor have coincided with both corporate parties neglecting the needs of the worker in favor of managers and corporations. That’s not just a bunch of words. That’s a big deal for you and me.

A few decades ago, productivity stopped tracking with wages. To be specific, productivity went up, but wages stayed the same. The fruits of the American workers labor started to go, in large part, to shareholders and wealthy people accumulating money through capital gains. We had a general sense that it was kind of unfair, but too many of us were not paying attention.

We saw the corporate raiders of the 80s, and the venture capital funds of the 90s, and the restructuring vultures of the oughts, and we saw the American worker plunging down into a financial pit.

These trends are part of the reasons why activism is now so important in our social lives!

Back in the 1990s, a youth protest movement was targeting the WTO, which was part of global justice and a globalized economy.

But that seems quaint now, when our activism is directly targeted toward domestic policy as well.

Americans can’t pay the rent. They can’t get adequate health insurance based on their wages. So activism is now incredibly important. It’s the only way we can even protect our families financially. That’s different than the activism of past decades, which was more or less seen as a hobby or a frivolous bleeding heart kind of advocacy for people that we had never met halfway around the world.

Right now, Activism.Fyi is partnering with small businesses, small family farmers and American families to demand economic and social justice. Sign on, because if you’re not part of the 1%, you’re not at their table!

Its Leap YEAR!

Since you obviously got a full extra day this LEAP YEAR, why not spend it giving back? Do you really need one more day for yourself? Why not spend it giving back to your local community? Getting involved in making a difference in someones life – TODAY!


We would love to hear your stories of giving back this LEAP YEAR!

Besides Saturday is not a normal workday for many people in this country.

Another big Dairy Player Goes Under:

These massive companies failing are not a sign of a healthy economy. But instead would lead to any person with an ounce of common sense believing that those who are singing the economic praises are in fact blowing smoke. What is their agenda? or for that matter what is the true underling motive of their claims to a strong economy?

The failure, and I mean complete failure of these big ag companies does not bode well for the overall agricultural sector as a whole. With the small guy at the bottom coming to bear the brunt of these tsunmies of economic destruction.


The end of both Dean Foods, and now Borden takes out two of the largest middle men in the dairy markets. This is yet another example as to why we are in desperate need of growing the family farm model where they work with nature and sell direct to consumer in their local communities. thereby cutting out the monies that these guys were siphoning from the pockets of both the consumers and the farmers.

So, please consider voting with your wallet and helping support those LOCAL Small businesses as they continue to support your local economic strength.

The Domestic Refugee

A great tool as you grow your knowledge related to activism and those issues you are passionate about is “The Domestic Refugee” with Silence Do Good III. They are working on a “Domestic Refugees Handbook” as part of their “Domestic Refugees Project.”

So, take a listen and follow their podcasts as they explore what it is to be a “domestic refugee” in your own country. As well as ways to combat the system and its status quo.

Are you a social bee?

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Well here at Activism.fyi we are! Our parent organization and its GTKYF Tech Group are passionate about protecting your data. We have built a entire network of tech related projects, programs and platforms devoted to giving the power of your DATA back to you! Taking the internet back for WE THE PEOPLE!

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