How to Follow within yourself

Ways To Pursue Your Passions and Activism

Here’s another question related to the practice of getting out there and pursuing activism, working with the people to brighten their lives.

What do you do?

What’s the key to starting your own form of activism?

That’s the thing about initiative. It blazes its own trail.

Grassroots work means that in some ways, you make your own way, and you forge your own path through largely uncharted waters. However, you do have other people to bounce ideas off of, and you do have a rich history to look at in terms of what works and what’s been successful in the past.

“Those who do not study history are destined to repeat it”

There are different categories of activism. There’s marching and being visible for a cause, which is typically done when things get to a boiling point or when you feel like people have been taken advantage of by a system for too long. But there’s also behind the scenes activism such as growing victory gardens, helping to raise young people, improving economic conditions in the neighborhood, or building a family a house – and these are extremely important forms of activism in their own right.

Then there are different models that determine how you get active to pursue your chosen causes. Some people prefer to go it more or less alone, or become the sole initiator – they’re always coming up with ideas and they’re implementing them in a certain way, by getting others to come along.

Others really rely on a broader based community to grow ideas a different way. Here’s where you might see the local chapters meeting up to discuss initiatives rather than one person deciding on an agenda.

Either way is fine, in its own way – the key thing is to get active and figure out a roadmap toward progress – through our “social media for activists” website, we offer a way to connect people to each other in order to make each person’s activism more powerful. Take a look and explore the site – tell us what you think about what makes the best planning models – and about your experience, to get involved in a community that cares.