Are you concerned about your DATA?

Well here at we are! Our parent organization and its GTKYF Tech Group are passionate about protecting your data. We have built a entire network of tech related projects, programs and platforms devoted to giving the power of your DATA back to you! Taking the internet back for WE THE PEOPLE!

Check out our Social Media Platform, and our “Social Media For Activists” website:

Social Media For Activists

Our Classifieds Platform, and our “Activists Market” Website:

Our Relationship Platform, and our Dating for Activists Website:

For more about what all our Tech Group is involved in feel free to check out GTKYF TECH Group.


Excited hardly covers what we are feeling as more of the pieces of this monumental undertaking are NOW LIVE!

Make sure and check out, and make use of this awesome resource! Our Social Media site is now live and availible for your FREE use. A social media site where WE DO NOT SELL YOUR INFORMATION EVER!

Stay tuned as More and More parts of our awesome undertaking within our tech group go live in the coming days and months.

If you are interested in LOW COST per view marketing please contact us HERE. The sheer number of sites, platforms, and media we now operate can get your message out and in front of your potential customers. By selling advertising on a per view basis and NOT selling peoples information we are able to live by our core principles. While funding the astronomical costs of these sites. Use your advertising dollars and support the overall family of programs our parent organization provides as they relate to farms, food, families, and freedom.